Terms and Refereeing in the Saudi Journal of Philosophical Studies


 Terms and Refereeing in the Saudi Journal of Philosophical Studies


First: The Journal publishes papers in Arabic, English and French. An abstract must be presented with each research paper depending on the researcher’s language.

Second: The paper must be original and written specifically for the journal. The paper must not be already published partially or fully, and there must be no papers similar to it published in any electronic or printed media. This must be submitted in a written statement.

Third: The researcher must attach a brief resume in English or French.

Fourth: As for methodology and form, the following conditions apply:

  1. The cover page must be separate and should include the research title, the researcher’s name, specialty, academic institution, and E-Mail address.
  2. The abstract must be in a separate page, written not exceeding 150 words, followed by a list of keywords. And the abstract should contain the main hypothesis that the research paper aims to prove along with the methodology used.
  3. The introduction must include the objectives of the study, its significance, and previous literature including the latest findings in the academic discipline to which the study belongs. The research conclusion must be in the form of certain points that represent the most important findings to be concluded from the elements of the research, concluding, in total, the arguments that support the hypothesis.
  4. The research paper must be generally coherent; without oversimplification or redundancy. All its elements must be employed to serve its main hypothesis. It must be followed by a list of sources and references cited in the main text. The researcher must also abide by the Latin method of citation that the journal follows and the table of specifications that the journal adopts for writing notes and citations.
  5. The journal keeps a section in each issue for discussing a certain philosophical concept, or defining some philosophical theory, or reviewing a philosophical issue through free writing, not confined by academic restraints (under aforementioned conditions), however this section is also refereed.
  6. The Journal also publishes reviews for recent philosophical books published in any of the three languages under the condition that said book had not been published any longer than three years before the review is sent.
  7. The journal also has a section designated for reviewing the latest and most important publications in the field of philosophical writing released by the most important publication houses while also presenting a statistical analysis for the different interests of publication houses.
  8. Research papers vary between 8000 and 12000 words, including the list of references. And the journal can publish, exceptionally, and according to its own judgment, a research paper that exceeds that word count.
  9. As for the form and style, research papers must be in Simplified Arabic font for Arabic papers, and in Times New Roman for English and French. Size 14 for the main text and 12 for notes.

Fifth: Refereeing:

  1. Each research paper is refereed completely anonymously, without disclosing the identity of its presenter. The refereeing process is conducted by two academics specialized in the very specific topic and language of the research, who are in the list of referees admitted by the platform. And in case the referee reports vary, the research paper is assigned to a third referee to settle on whether to accept it or reject it. The journal is committed to informing the researcher with its final decision; of publishing/not publishing the paper after making certain modifications/ apologizing for not publishing, within 30 to 60 days of the date of receiving the paper.
  2. The journal does not pay monetary awards for academic studies; as is the tradition followed in international academic periodicals. The journal does not charge publishing fees either.
  3. Mana Platform holds the copyright for all material published within the journal, republishing it partially or fully, in Arabic or translated to foreign languages, is not permitted without a permission from the platform.


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